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A Note on Paper Wallets

I recently saw an article from CoinDesk about users losing Bitcoin to malicious paper wallet software. I thought it would be helpful to write up, from a technical perspective, why paper wallets are a very bad idea. Paper wallets are the outdated practice of generating and storing a single keypair on paper. One private key

Your Passwords Stink – And How to Fix Them

Overview For better or for worse, passwords are at the center of how we secure our digital lives. For your phone, your PC, and your likely 50+ online accounts – you have a password standing between a thief and your data. Unfortunately, most of us have been told un-truths about what makes a password secure,

Bitcoin Cryptography – Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms

Overview At the heart of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all cryptocurrencies lies the fascinating art of cryptography. In a previous tutorial, we discussed the basics of hashing algorithms – one way functions used in key parts of the Bitcoin system such as address generation and mining. Now, let’s discuss another important type of cryptography used in

Bitcoin Investment Scams, Investigated!

Overview I hate scammers, don’t you? Investment related scams are nothing new, and Bitcoin related investments scams aren’t exactly new either at this point. It may seem obvious to some, but people do in fact fall for these scams – and it’s not because they are stupid. Scammers use particularly insidious skills to mark and

What’s Up with My Transaction? – Lost Bitcoin Recovery Flow Chart

Remember:* Crypto transactions are irreversible by design. Always double, triple check the receiving address before sending* Be wary of scammers claiming they can recover lost coins. This is often not technically possible as I’ve outlined above, and they will use your information to steal from you. No one doing business through instagram, whatsapp, etc. and

Cryptocurrency Network Forks, Explained

Overview One of the beautiful features of open blockchains is their ability to “fork” in the event of an irreconcilable difference between community members. Many forks have happened in the short history of cryptos – Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum to Ethereum Classic, to name two major ones. But what actually happens, technically, during

Common Bitcoin & Crypto SCAMS (And How to Avoid Them)

Overview Unfortunately, with all new technology comes those that will take advantage of it in a negative way. The crypto world has brought us some amazing new technology and positive use cases. But it has also brought out those thieves and scammers that will take advantage of others for their own gain. Let’s discuss some

Crypto, Quantum Computing, and You

Overview Many have asked a valid question about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – will they be rendered useless by the advent of quantum computing? Bitcoin is ultimately a software protocol, with several cryptographic algorithms securing it from attackers. But what if attackers can easily break those algorithms once thought to be perfectly secure? Quantum, Cryptography,

Building a Basic Ethereum Smart Contract (For Bike Park Fun)

Overview Ethereum smart contracts offer a wealth of possibilities for building decentralized, blockchain-secured applications. But what is a smart contract? These programs are code executed by the Ethereum Virtual Machine, a decentralized computer on the Ethereum network. Every node on the network receives the contract code, and validates every function call sent through an Ethereum

Digital Personal Security Primer

Overview Computers in all their forms (PC’s, tablets, mobile phones, and more) are an integral parts of our lives – from work, to hobbies, to activism. It is as critical to protect your digital life as it is your own home. With many attackers and attack vectors, there is NO one size fits all security