Building a Basic Ethereum Smart Contract (For Bike Park Fun!)

I spent some time building my first Ethereum smart contract with Solidity, and teach you how to do the same. This project has a tie-in with my backyard bike park…because learning about blockchain should be fun!

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Personal Digital Security Primer

Basic tips for security your digital life against various attackers. Know your threat model and implement these basic practices!

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How Bitcoin “Recovery” Scammers Operate

Learn about some of the ways in which fake “recovery hackers” can compromise your crypto online accounts and steal from you.

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CoinJoin Privacy Technologies Explained

Learn about how CoinJoins work and how they help protect user privacy.

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Digital Dollar Bills: Understanding UTXOs and Change

How do transactions work on the inside? Understand part of this process involving inputs, outputs, and change.

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KATZ Club Crypto Primer

I discuss the basics of cryptocurrencies and their useful properties and technology. I’m then joined by Rebecca White and Laura Taylor for a discussion of cool crypto use cases!

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The Basics of Wallet & Wallet Security – Cap City BTC

Thanks to the Cap City BTC team for having me! We discuss the fundamentals of crypto wallets and some basic security concerns to be aware of

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Why Brainwallets are a Bad Idea

Learn why user-generated “Brainwallets” are a poor choice for safe private key storage.

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The Waiting Game: The Mempool and Transaction Fees

Learn about the Bitcoin mempool and transaction processing! This tutorial will help you understand block constraints, fees, and ways to adjust block constraints for different properties.

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Indestructible Data: How Arbitrary Data is Added to the Blockchain

It’s not just value transfers – Bitcoin and major Bitcoin forks can store arbitrary data, creating interesting use cases! Learn about scripts & OP_RETURN.

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Pittsburgh Entrepreneur’s Forum Panel Moderation

I had the opportunity to create questions for and moderate a panel on blockchain applications. Panel included folks from CMU and other startups; one requested to remain off camera.

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Vires in Numeris Podcast

Thanks to R.L. Bryer for having me! R.L. is an expert in crypto-economics. I enjoyed out chat about crypto-education, learning, and more.

Prototyping the Blockchain Lawnmower (Code Companion #3)

A technical look at how I built my blockchain lawnmower prototype with a Raspberry Pi. I discuss creating an SLP token, digital signatures, and “hotwiring” my lawn tractor.

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Hands Off My Keys! The Basics of Offline Wallets

Learn about offline wallets like paper & hardware wallets. How they are possible, the various types, and why you’d use them.

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The Business School Guide to Cryptocurrencies

A lecture and Q&A with Dr. Abramovic’s Corporate Finance and Investments classes. We discussed the properties of cryptocurrencies and why future finance professionals might find them useful.

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The Blockchain Lawnmower! A Tokenization Tutorial

I put my lawnmower on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to teach you all about tokenization. Learn about non-fungible tokens and digital signatures, then see a real-world proof of concept I built with a Raspberry Pi and my trusty Murray tractor.

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Bitcoin Cryptography – Hashing Algorithms

Learn the properties of hashing algorithms, which algorithms are used in Bitcoin, and how hashes help secure cryptocurrency networks.

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Bitcoin & Beards Podcast

Thanks to Crypto J Chains and Bitboy for inviting me on! This was a very fun conversation on Bitcoin, hockey, MMA, and more!