(Bitcoin) Script Kiddies – Understanding Basic Transaction Scripts

A technical look at home Bitcoin transaction scripts work, with a walkthrough of the most common Pay to Public Key Hash script type.

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EZ-Pay – Full Node vs. SPV Wallets

A technical overview of the differences between full node and SPV (simplified payment verification) wallets – how they verify funds and security/privacy concerns

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Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 2 – Blockchain for Techies)

A technical look at how blockchains are secured using proof of work and cryptographic hash “chaining”.

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BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 2 – The Tech of Bits to Backups)

An in-depth look at how mnemonic backups are generated for crypto wallets using the BIP39 protocol.

NOTE: a few times I said 248 when I meant 2048, and some binary numbers are mis-written on the board. My apologies! The article and slides are correct AFAIK.

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Proof of Work, Explained (Part 2 – A Hash Bash for Techies)

A technical look at proof of work algorithms used in applications such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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