Pittsburgh Entrepreneur’s Forum Panel Moderation

I had the opportunity to create questions for and moderate a panel on blockchain applications. Panel included folks from CMU and other startups; one requested to remain off camera.

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Hands Off My Keys! The Basics of Offline Wallets

Learn about offline wallets like paper & hardware wallets. How they are possible, the various types, and why you’d use them.

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The Business School Guide to Cryptocurrencies

A lecture and Q&A with Dr. Abramovic’s Corporate Finance and Investments classes. We discussed the properties of cryptocurrencies and why future finance professionals might find them useful.

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The Blockchain Lawnmower! A Tokenization Tutorial

I put my lawnmower on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain to teach you all about tokenization. Learn about non-fungible tokens and digital signatures, then see a real-world proof of concept I built with a Raspberry Pi and my trusty Murray tractor.

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Why You Can’t Just Brute-Force a Bitcoin Private Key

Understanding the scale of the Bitcoin keyspace and why it’s not possible to guess a key by brute-force.

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How to Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper

Your companion to the Bitcoin whitepaper! Listen to this tutorial while you read this amazing technical paper yourself.

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HD Wallets – BIPs and Terminology

A glossary of terms surrounding HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet technology

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Proof of Work Primer

A technical overview of the Proof-of-Work algorithm used in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The Science of Digital Money – Saint Vincent College 2019

An overview of the Computer Science concepts behind open blockchain cryptocurrencies and their social importance.

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Comparing Major Mining Algorithms

A look at the differences between mining on Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Learn about general proof-of-work, SHA-256, Scrypt, and Ethash.

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Borderless Technologies and International Relations

Discussing careers and global technology needs with International Relations students at Duquesne University. Thank you to the students and to Dr. Al-Raffie Huehn for having me!

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Common Address Encoding Formats

Understand how the most popular cryptocurrency addresses are formatted, from raw data to what you see on your wallet screen.

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Cryptocurrency Security Fundamentals – BITB Meetup 2019

Discussing the fundamentals of cryptocurrency security at the second Blockchain in the Burgh Meetup. This talk focuses on explaining private keys and the pros/cons of different wallet types.

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Beginning Bitcoin – Sending Funds From Your Wallet

Learn how to send a Bitcoin transaction to another party, and what makes cryptocurrency payments different from traditional credit card use

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BTC2019 Visualizing Proof-of-Work Algorithms with MicroProcessors

My session at the 2019 Blockchain Training Conference in Aurora, CO. This session breaks down proof of work algorithms with a toy visualization, so newcomers without a CS background can understand this critical security concept.

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Beginning Bitcoin – Getting Started with Mobile Wallets

A tutorial for total beginners! How to get set up with a secure mobile wallet and start receiving cryptocurrency.

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Full Node Friends – Understanding and Running A Fully Validating Wallet

Why you might want to run a full node and details on how to run one for Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

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Understanding Address Balances for UTXO Blockchains

Learn about how your Bitcoin wallet balance is actually stored on the blockchain, and how it’s similar to cash.

Intro to Cryptocurrencies – Saint Vincent College 2019

A brief look at the world of cryptocurrencies for finance students at Saint Vincent College on January 28th, 2019. A big thank you to Dr. Mark Abramovic for inviting me to speak to his students in his corporate finance and derivatives classes.

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What’s in Your Wallet? Understanding Private Key Control

A discussion of the different models digital currency wallets use to keep your private keys (and therefore your money!) safe.

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Playing With Blocks: The Basics of Blockchain Databases (Part 1 – Blockchain for Everyone)

What is a blockchain? Why is it so different than a regular database? What is a blockchain good for? This overview of blockchain databases will help explain the basics.

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BIP39 Mnemonics Made Easy (Part 1 – Backups, Simplified!)

This video explains how the Bitcoin developers made backups easy with HD wallets and mnemonic seed phrases.

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Proof of Work, Explained (Part 1 – POW for Non-Techies)

Learn about proof of work algorithms and their applications in cryptocurrencies and anti-spam. This non-technical overview will explain the basic of POW and how it is used to keep bitcoin secure.

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