Token-Ize Me – The Basics of ERC20 Tokens

Overview One of the most interesting and powerful capabilities of the Ethereum network is the ability to create new currencies that operate on top of the base network. By using smart contracts, it’s possible to create a currency called a token without having to fork an existing currency’s code and create a new decentralized network.

Beginning Bitcoin – Getting Started with Mobile Wallets

Overview For someone that’s completely new to the concept of digital money, all the information out there can get a tad overwhelming. Fortunately, getting a practical start in using cryptocurrencies is actually fairly trivial with modern mobile wallets! Installing a proper wallet is the first step in a safe and successful journey into the crypto

Super Segwit Scripts

Overview Segregated Witness, better known as segwit, is a soft-fork change to the core Bitcoin (BTC) protocol implemented to provide one possible scaling solution as well as other benefits. First, the use of segwit decreases the size of transactions (sort of) and provides a new way for the Bitcoin network to scale without a hard-fork

Inside Ethereum Transactions

Overview Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a wildly popular cryptocurrency that allows its users to exchange value on a global, decentralized, censorship resistant platform. However, Ethereum goes beyond the capabilities of Bitcoin by adding a far more versatile scripting platform for the creation of “smart contracts” or “decentralized applications”. In order to facilitate this, the

Full Node Friends – Understanding and Running A Fully Validating Wallet

Overview In previous tutorials, we’ve discussed the basic differences between a full node wallet and an SPV or Simplified Payment Verification wallet. Now let’s take a further look into why full nodes are important to cryptocurrency networks, and how you can get started running one! Why Full Nodes? Full nodes, along with mining nodes form

Don’t Just Hodl, Spedn! – Cool Ways to Use Your Cryptocurrency

Overview The “hodl” meme in the cryptocurrency world has gotten out of hand. With dreams of lambos abound, it seems everyone is just sitting around with fat crypto wallets waiting for the next big jump in price. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with savings. I wouldn’t tell you to spend all your fiat either,

Understanding Address Balances for UTXO Blockchains

Overview When you open your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin wallet, you’ll see a balance just like you do when you open your bank app. At the end of the day, you just want to know how much currency you own, right? You may be curious, however, how your total balance is calculated in the

(Bitcoin) Script Kiddies – Understanding Basic Transaction Scripts

Overview In the Bitcoin world, money is not just digital – money is programmable! When transactions between users on the network are created and broadcast, miners and nodes independently verify that these transactions are valid. But this verification is not just checking some basic data points – it involves the execution of special scripts specified