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The Waiting Game: The Mempool and Transaction Fees

Learn about the Bitcoin mempool and transaction processing! This tutorial will help you understand block constraints, fees, and ways to adjust block constraints for different properties.

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Indestructible Data: How Arbitrary Data is Added to the Blockchain

It’s not just value transfers – Bitcoin and major Bitcoin forks can store arbitrary data, creating interesting use cases! Learn about scripts & OP_RETURN.

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Pittsburgh Entrepreneur’s Forum Panel Moderation

I had the opportunity to create questions for and moderate a panel on blockchain applications. Panel included folks from CMU and other startups; one requested to remain off camera.

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Crypto Campfire Podcast

Thanks to the team at the Crypto Campfire for having me! I truly enjoyed chatting about Bitcoin education, non-maximalism, cats, and more.

Vires in Numeris Podcast

Thanks to R.L. Bryer for having me! R.L. is an expert in crypto-economics. I enjoyed out chat about crypto-education, learning, and more.